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  • The face wash was too good. Feeling cooling effect after every use.


  • I also get rid about my skin routine after use hemp bamboo charcoal face wash I get best results


  • So good prodcut. Go all of you.


  • Product is very high in quality. After using the product I felt the freshness on my face and I saw it contains charcoal crystals.

    Shubham Jajoo

  • I normally use Himalaya face wash, first time I've bought this one, never used charcoal so let me try it, feels good and doesn't dry my face, will give it more days to see the result.


  • I bought it from my college. Loved the product!


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Magical Hemp

The hemp revolution goes beyond individual benefits, aligning with sustainability trends. Hemp plants require fewer pesticides, making them an eco-friendly choice. Hemp-infused products, from face wash to shampoo and face serum, reflect a shift towards clean and natural self-care, appealing to eco-conscious consumers. Hemp invites consumers to discover the transformative potential of nature in their daily beauty routines. Hemp is rooted in Ayurveda, providing an organic and sustainable way to give the skin the glow it needs.

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Hemp For Hair

Hemp extract revealed 93.5% average increase in hair regrowth. Also, 89% of hair samples noticed hair thickening and reduce in hair fall. Hemp shampoo and Hemp hair serum combines hemp oil with ayurvedic extracts for a nourishing formula. Hemp shampoo, enriched with omega fatty acids, strengthens hair, leaving it soft and manageable. The combination of hemp oil and additional plant-based ingredients enhances the overall experience, making hemp shampoo a go-to choice for those seeking natural and effective haircare.

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Hemp For Face

Hemp, derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, has gained popularity in skincare. Hemp face wash and hemp hair serum, infused with hemp seed oil, provides gentle cleansing, maintaining the skin's moisture balance. Rich in omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamins, hemp face wash nourishes and soothes the skin, making it suitable for various skin types. Hemp face serum is enriched in hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid, best for increasing skin elasticity and promotes mirror like skin.

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Frequently Asked


What are the benefits of hemp for skin?

Rich in omega 3, and omega 6 fatty acids and vitamins, Hemp helps to maintain skin moisturization, reduces inflammation, and treats acne. It also helps to increase skin elasticity. To read more about the hemp skin benefits, you can go to our blogs and learn the benefits of hemp for skin in detail.

Does this hemp face wash treats acne?

This hemp face wash has neem and aloe vera which is best known for treating acne and removes excessive oil from your skin by deep cleansing. It also has witch hazel and calendula that are recommended by skin experts for treating active acne and open pores. Hence, this face wash is best for fighting acne. 

Is there sulphate in your shampoo?

NO. Beards and shears hemp shampoo is sulphate free and paraben free. It is an ayurvedic shampoo, approved by Ayush Department of India.

Is this face wash certified by dermatologist?

We are an Ayurvedic brand certified by the Ayush Department of India which looks after Ayurveda in India. Apart from that, the face wash is free from paraben, sulfate, and artificial colors. It is clinically tested for all types of Indian skin. 

My skin is sensitive. Can I use it?

We recommend it for sensitive skin. Being an Ayurvedic brand certified by the Ayush Department of India the face wash is clinically tested and is very mild in nature. The face wash is free from any harmful chemicals which can result in skin irritation. 

I am 15, so can I use it on my skin?

We have designed the products keeping Indian youth as our target. The products are Ayurvedic and free from any chemicals which can lead to bad skin. Hence, we recommend it!

Can I use hemp face wash on dry skin.

It is suitable for dry skin, though it is recommended to use a moisturiser after the face wash to get the best result.