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Calling all dynamic college students and brand ambassadors! Immerse yourself in a thrilling 3-month internship to unleash your passion for influencing and branding. Gain hands-on experience, sharpen your skills, and contribute to our success.

What's in Store:

As an intern, you'll be a promotional maestro, promoting our products with a unique referral code system. Share the code, drive engagement, and earn a competitive margin on your successful deals.

Why Join Us:

  1. 3-month transformative experience
  2. Internship certificate with SRM batch endorsement
  3. Top 20 performers get a shot at a permanent position



Riding the college wave? Fantastic! We're on the lookout for peeps currently rocking the campus scene, armed with killer communication vibes, and a real knack for promotions. If you're all about college life, you're our kind of legend!


How to Apply:

  1. To register, simply fill out the form below.
  2. You'll receive a unique promo code in your email.
  3. Visit our website's real-time dashboard to track your score and position among other interns.


Top 20 Performer:

Stand out and secure a job with us! We're on the lookout for the best performers across India.

Perk and Benfits:

  1. Boost your confidence
  2. Develop communication skills for better placement offers
  3. Top 3 high achievers win an awesome trip, hanging out with other D2C founders, and get a shot at funding your ideas with up to 2 crores!

Don't miss out on this dynamic opportunity! Apply now and be a catalyst for your success in promotions and branding!