The History of Hemp: A Journey Through Time

The History of Hemp: A Journey Through Time

A Long Time Ago in China and Europe

Picture ancient China, around 2700 BC, where people started growing hemp for its useful fibers. This plant then made its way to Europe about 2000 years ago, and people back then in India even wrote about it in old texts called Ayurvedic texts. They called it "sativa" or "cannabis sativa," and it was a big deal for making things like clothes, paper, and even medicine.

Hemp in Big Moments of History

Here's a fun fact: the first paper ever made, including the Bible, was crafted from hemp. It wasn't just for reading, though. Hemp also played a big role in making ropes and canvas, especially during World War II when the United States asked farmers to grow more hemp through a campaign called "Hemp for Victory."

A Bit of Confusion: Hemp and Cannabis in India

Hemp had a tough time in India because it looks quite similar to another plant called Cannabis India (also known as Medical cannabis, Marijuana, or Mary Jane). Imagine looking at two pictures and trying to spot the differences—


Image 1

Image 2



Yeah, It's not that easy. But, the big difference is in something called THC, which makes people feel high. Hemp has very little THC (only 0.2%), so it doesn't give you that high feeling.

Hemp's Comeback: After World War II

After the Second World War, people around the world started realizing how great hemp could be. The United States and Canada said, "Let's make it legal!" In 1998, Canada said goodbye to a 60-year ban, and in 2018, India gave a thumbs up to growing industrial hemp with just a little bit of THC (0.2%). The first state to jump on board was Uttarakhand, and others like Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, and Gujarat joined in.

Hemp Today: More Than Just a Plant

Today, we're finding lots of ways to use hemp. It's not just for making things, but it's also good for your skin and hair because it has Omega 3, Omega 6, and vitamins. Hemp is like a superhero plant—it can be turned into paper, clothes, and even medicine for our hearts and stress.

Why Hemp Matters for Tomorrow

With everyone talking about taking care of our planet, hemp is like a superhero for the environment. It grows really fast, helping farmers, and it can replace things that are not good for nature. So, let's all be superheroes too—use hemp in your life and be a part of making our future sustainable!

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